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College Consulting

  • Résumé Planning

  • College Selection

  • College App Essays

Core Subjects

  • English

  • Math

Standardized Tests

  • SAT

  • ACT

  • SSAT

  • ISEE

Writing Contests

  • Scholastic

  • Profile in Courage

  • Ayn Rand

  • Many Others


Step 1: Initial Consultation


Parents discuss student's needs with Paul.


Step 2: Lesson Plan


Paul prepares & presents a detailed lesson plan.


Step 3: Lessons


The student works with Paul for a fixed number of lessons.


Step 4: Progress


Paul regularly updates parents on student's progress.


Step 5: Conclusion


Paul summarizes progress and recommends future steps.

FAQ about Tutoring with Paul

FAQ Anchor

What subjects does Paul teach?


Paul has the rare ability to teach both English and math. He enjoys both subjects equally and has practiced teaching them for nearly two decades for standardized tests, school assignments, and contests.

He also has significant experience with college consulting. He has advised many students on how to strategically plan their résumés, select colleges that fit them best, and write effective essays.

How successful has Paul been in helping students improve their grades & scores?


Paul has helped more than 2,000 students over the past 17 years achieve their academic goals. He is what some call a "super tutor," an extremely skilled and experienced teacher who gets results. Read some of the amazing testimonials from his past students.

What does a video call lesson with Paul look like? How does it work?

In addition to teaching classes & private lessons in his office in Closter, NJ, Paul also provides video call lessons for students who live too far away to commute to his location. Through Skype or Hangouts, Paul can teach people who live anywhere in the country and in the world. 

An online lesson with Paul looks and feels just like an in-person, face-to-face lesson. Paul's philosophy of online lessons is to provide an experience that is virtually identical to lessons held in a physical classroom. 

Most online tutoring services provide subpar learning experiences because they cannot guarantee the quality of the teacher, the video call, and the teaching tools. In their effort to be "high-tech," they use clumsy and inefficient tools such as web whiteboards, provide mediocre video call quality that can often lag or freeze, and hire a random bunch of teachers, many of whom have lack the proficiency and experience to teach effectively.


Paul, however, has perfected the online learning experience by carefully analyzing all of the weaknesses of current services and designing a superior system. He has taken the following steps to guarantee the best quality online lessons.


First, he uses only the highest quality equipment to ensure HD-quality video and pristine audio during video calls. He invested in a powerful computer, the best webcam, a fast internet connection, and a top-notch headset. 


Second, he designed a dedicated space for teaching that looks and functions like a small classroom. He has a physical whiteboard behind him and a stand for books. Students feel as if they are in a classroom environment.


Third, he uses only the best and most efficient online tools to facilitate learning. Using email, Google Docs, and other Internet resources, he can do everything online that he could in person. When going over essays, for example, he and the student can look at, discuss, and write on the same Google Doc in real time. When going over math problems, he can explain the concepts and write down steps on his physical whiteboard. Skype makes sharing files quick and easy, and the internet has a wealth of resources to solidify learning.


Fourth, he uses a dialogical method of teaching which requires students to actively participate throughout the lesson. This ensures that the student stays focused and engaged throughout the lesson. Furthermore, he occasionally requires students to share their screens which enables him to see what they're looking at so that he can make sure they are not looking at unrelated, distracting websites. 


Below is an example of what students see when they study with Paul through Skype. As you can tell, everything looks and feels just like an in-person, face-to-face lesson in a physical classroom. 

Students who have studied with Paul through Skype have praised the quality of the online lesson. Jessica C., for example, said, "I was hesitant at first to do my SAT lessons over Skype, but after my session with Paul, I will definitely consider doing more tutoring sessions through video chat. The new camera that Paul told me to buy for the lessons was reasonably priced, and it allowed me to clearly show my work to him. Paul had also bought the same camera so I could clearly see the explanations to the problems when he wrote on his whiteboard. The sound was also clear, and the mic that he used allowed him to block out any excess noise. Not only was the sound and quality of the video good, but it also allowed me to save a lot of time that it would have taken to drive to and from the tutoring center every day."

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