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Paul was probably the best tutor I have ever had. Not only was he helpful, but he also created a comfortable learning atmosphere, which I think is important. He taught me SAT I reading, writing, and math, and with his help, my reading and writing scores drastically went up. My overall score increased by more than 200 points. He is really inspirational and motivated me to strive and better myself. - Yuky


Paul is honestly the most thorough and strategic tutor I've ever had. I started going to Peak Learning Center in my sophomore year and it has never crossed my mind to stop because of how effective Paul's teaching is. When I first started Peak, I'd scored around 1560 on a Mock SAT exam. With Paul's help in reading, writing, and math, I regularly get 2200s on my practice SATs. His emphasis on understanding the material rather than simply using little tricks to score higher really helped my scores improve dramatically over the period of a few months. - Adalia


"Going into junior year I was stressed about the SAT 1, but thanks to Paul I was able to manage learning all of the material needed. With his help I was able to achieve a 2210 on the SAT 1, a 300 point improvement from my starting score of 1910. Additionally, I went back to Paul for help with my college essays. With his guidance and advice I was accepted to many top level schools including Boston College, Cornell and the University of Pennsylvania." - Emma


"Paul was a great teacher that really helped me improve my literacy skills. He always have creative essay topics for me to write about and makes learning more pleasurable. As a result, he helped me get A's in writing assignments for school; however, he went beyond just grades. He guided me with life advices that are common among struggling high schoolers such as procrastination, laziness, gaming addiction, and etc. I've learned so much from him that he is an irreplaceable teacher." - James


Peak was the first academy I went to improve my English and to study for my first SAT, and Paul helped me a lot with those. I felt that my reading and writing skills in general improved while I was learning, and I could actually see my SAT scores getting higher as I took the practice tests. I also really liked how Paul always told us motivational and personal stories, so that we could really understand the reason why we study or why we should use our time wisely, etc.  - Nayun


“Paul tutored me when I was entering Junior year, and taught me reading, math, and writing for SAT I. With his guidance and advice, I ended up with a 2180 on my SAT, with a 12 on my essay. Paul's teaching and mentoring especially stood out to me because he was very encouraging and always motivated me to continue achieving my academic goals even after my SATs." - Jenobia


I have gone to Peak for many years and I am so grateful to have met Paul, who guided me throughout school. He taught me English and Math, and with his help I was able to easily pass my Math tests. At Peak, I was learning a higher level Math, but I was never stressed about it because he helped me balance my work. Before, I was struggling with English essays, but his critiques and points helped me greatly in improving myself. I can see my improvement through his helpful comments on my essays and the increasing grades on my school essays. His teaching made me want to listen and fully engage in the class. I can tell Paul truly cares about our futures and wants to see us succeed. - Minhee


"Paul was my tutor for SAT I and helped me with my reading and writing.  He readily answered all my questions in a simple and clear manner so that I could understand the material faster.  Paul also gave suggestions on how to improve my essay writing as well as the best way to manage time while taking the SAT.  Under Paul's instruction, my scores increased immensely and I was able to obtain the score I hoped for."  - Andrea


"Paul was honestly one of the best tutors I've ever had. He expects a lot, but only because he wants you to succeed. He not only helped me get a 2230 single SAT and a 2290 super score, but also he helped me form more efficient study habits. In addition to SAT's and general study tips, Paul helped me with my college essays. I was struggling so much while trying to write my essays, yet Paul took time out of his schedule not only to meet with me for tutor sessions, but also to edit my essays through emails. Lastly, Paul genuinely cares for his students. For instance, after reading my college essays he noticed that I had some personal issues and he took time to mentor me and give me some tips and lessons about life. Paul is not only a phenomenal SAT tutor, but also a great life tutor" - Ted.


I have been to countless learning centers (hagwons) in the past, but I never really felt connected to any of my teachers. Not only did Paul teach me SAT Literature and help me with college essays, but also he instilled his wisdom and life knowledge in me. He helped me think through my college essays rather than telling me what to write, and in the process, he taught me how to manage my time and mature as an adult. There was also a personal connection during sessions, which encouraged me to work harder. Paul is an excellent teacher, with great clarity and attention to details, and he’s probably the most influential mentor I’ve ever had. Even almost a year later, I vividly remember the conversations we had about music, religion, ethics, etc. He honestly is a living example of hard work and discipline; I now attend Carnegie Mellon and I strive to study and live with the same enthusiasm as his. - Harrin


After going to different learning centers to help me with reading and writing, my parents signed me up for peak last year. Peak was definitely the best learning center I have ever been to. Paul taught me Reading and Writing and he is one of the best teachers I ever had. Writing has never been a strong point for me, but with his help I got straight A's in English for the whole year! Paul's style of teaching is so unique, and that's what makes him and peak so great. He taught me to always strive to be the best I can be. He teaches extremely thoroughly, step-by-step, and makes sure that you make the most out of your experiences, not only at peak, but life in general. The atmosphere in the class is very clean and just has a great ambiance to it. He makes class very informational and hilarious at the same time. I always looked forwards to going to peak because it was always one of the highlights of my week. Going to peak was definitely a decision I'll never regret!  - Lindsey


“Paul is a brilliant teacher, who will guide you to success. Although my time with Paul was focused in the development of my English skills, Paul also taught me how to live life to the fullest. His diligence and care for the students both in and out of class makes him not only a teacher but also a life tutor, who will encourage and always be willing to help you. With Paul’s help, I was able to elevate my knowledge and physic. My SAT scores increased by 500 points, and I was physically healthier, thanks to Paul’s reading packets. Besides the increase in my SAT scores, I was also able to excel at my classes in Suffield Academy, being able to easily connect and analyze different writings. One of the greatest perks of learning with Paul is that he will always push you harder and mentor you through life. Coming to Peak was one of the greatest decisions of my life, it helped me achieve and make new goals in life.” - Joao


"I started with no motivation whatsoever when I first entered Peak. But, Paul's constant reassurance and guidance has gotten me to where I am today. I have been accepted into the college of my choice with Paul's help. His teaching is different than any other learning center I've been to. Peak brings more than just vocabulary and equations to the table. His impassioned yet reasoned eloquence inspired me through his shared stories and beliefs." - Chae

Paul is one of the most encouraging tutors I ever had. He taught me what it means to be a diligent student, the fruits of my effort, and the value of doing my best. With Paul's guidance, I was able to boost my SAT I score by 400 points. - Josh


Paul is an incredible, personable mentor. I started out with a cumulative score of 1500 on the SATs and no idea where to begin with my college essays, but by working with Paul in his SAT 1 class on reading, writing, and math and in his College Essay Crash Course, I was able to achieve a score of 2160 and draft an authentic, powerful essay about my music that helped me get into New York University. Paul's teaching is thorough, methodical, and personable, and I would recommend him to any high school student! - Jonathan


Paul was the first SAT 1 teacher I had, but he is undoubtedly one of the best. Within a couple weeks of learning from him in the summer, my SAT 1 Writing score went from mid to high 600s to high 700s and 800 consistently.. My reading scores then followed with similar improvement, from mid 600s to mid 700s, in just a short amount of time. Not only does he explain the material well, he creates a great atmosphere for learning and gives great advice not only about academics but about life in general. - Jay.


During the summer, I attended the Summer SAT Course at Peak Learning Center.  With Paul’s help, I was able to increase my SAT practice scores by 400 points. Paul explained difficult math problems thoroughly, told me efficient ways to conquer the reading passages, helped me write better essays, and taught me grammatical concepts that I didn’t learn in school.  Now I don’t feel overwhelmed by the SAT anymore. I am more focused, confident and ready to take on the SAT and other challenges that lie ahead. - Ben


Paul is an amazing tutor that not only improved my SAT score but also helped me write college essays that will definitely help for my admission to Military colleges such as the United Military States Military Academy at West Point, United States Naval Academy, and Texas A&M University. Paul not only teaches SAT related subjects but also covers important and relevant topics in life that will prepare me for the future. - Bryan


To be honest, I was not the brightest student in middle school nor did I write the best essays. Middle school was difficult for me and I was worried that high school would be even harder but it wasn't. Paul helped me to improve my worst habits and also inspired me to try my hardest at everything I do. He taught me how I can have two of my favorite things; having fun but also getting good grades. Without the methods he taught me I would be struggling with my high school career. Paul is an inspiring leader that teaches students to use their abilities to strive for the best. - Monica


"Paul had been my teacher for several years. He helped me write clear and concise English essays, raise my SAT I score, improve my critical reading skills, and create captivating college essays. Paul is passionate about teaching students and also genuinely cares about the direction of their lives. Aside from the numbers and the grades, Paul improved my mentality of being a student and challenged me to think about the importance of studying. He teaches, motivates, inspires, and encourages you to succeed, in ways no other teacher could. Not only did Paul impact my grades and scores, but he also impacted my life." - Deborah


"Paul helped me flourish as a student. He taught me reading, writing, and math for the SAT I, and improved my score from 1500 to 2150 within a single summer. With his help, I gained acceptance to The College of New Jersey, which is ranked by U.S. News & World Report as the top public college in the north region of the country. As a teacher, he would not only teach the material in a thorough and easily understandable way, but he would also constantly help me develop educational habits that have stuck with me to this day. Paul helped me flourish as a person as well: his distinctive teaching style naturally and always made his lectures feel engaging, interesting, and worth participating in. His ability as a teacher encouraged me to speak up more in his classes, to a point where it had helped me become more of an elegant speaker and more of an outspoken person in general. I grew astonishingly more confident after learning and being mentored under Paul, and that newly found confidence and growth helped me make the most of my college experience soon after." - Moses.


"Having Paul as a teacher truly helped me as I worked through the obstacles of high school. I first met him when he was my SAT I teacher at Peak Learning Center in the summer of 2014. His way of teaching SAT writing and reading allowed me to understand not only the concepts presented in the exams but also my mistakes. His teaching methods allowed me to improve my score by over 250 points by the end of the summer. I also loved how Paul would always provide inspirational messages to us before he began teaching. Whether it was just about working hard or about our social lives, I feel like his messages still stick with me today. The following summer, I also took the college essay class with Paul. To be honest, this was probably one of the best classes I have taken because of Paul's teaching methods and the advice he provided when discussing our college essays. Before the class, I was so afraid that my essay would not be good enough to make it into a top school; however, after College Essay class, I feel that my essay describes who I am as an individual. Without Paul, I know I would not have written the same essay I have now. As I begin to prepare for the journey of college, I can state candidly that his unique teaching methods and inspiring messages will stick with me for years because I know it will truly allow me to overcome any obstacles that may impede my life path." - Matt


I was in Paul’s English C and Algebra 1 class. Through my experience I can say that he genuinely cares for his students and is flexible in working with all types of students. Prior to getting help from Paul, I was doing poorly in my math class, but my grades gradually rose as I continued learning with him. His English class taught me to become a better writer and reader. I developed positive reading habits; I improved as a writer and incorporated his teachings into my own style of writing. He is not only an outstanding teacher but also a great mentor with a great personality. He has taught me to have integrity, which I appreciate and remember to this day. He has shared a multitude of his life experiences and stories with me. Much of what I learned from Paul is not only educational; I have learned important lessons from him that I will carry with me until the future. - Erin


"One of the evidence that makes Paul a great teacher, besides his intelligence, academics, and experience, is his personality. He is the man of his own word and he has great care for each and every student of his. Despite very tired day from teaching many students, he does not complain or show any sign of exasperation and goes right on to teaching with the same enthusiasm and energy that he has for all the other students. Paul has personally helped me with SAT I and College essays. The method that he uses to teach is like no others. With Paul, I have raised my SAT score about three hundred points. Aside from SAT tutoring, Paul is also great at helping college essay. I applied to about 20 colleges and he greatly cared for each and every essay of all kinds. Having him as my tutor was a blessing in my life. Without him, wouldn't have gotten the score and written the essay that I have gotten and written. I am confident that if you choose him as your or your child's tutor, you will not regret a penny you have spent and will eventually feel lucky that you have known and chose Paul as the tutor." - Kevin​​

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