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Paul Lee is an expert tutor who has successfully taught over 2,000 students for the past 18 years in a range of subjects including the SAT, ACT, English, Math, and College Application Essays. He has worked with students from some of the best elementary, middle, and high schools in America and helped them gain admission into the most prestigious universities in America. He has a knack for connecting with students, pinpointing areas of improvement, utilizing proven methods, adapting these methods when necessary, and above all, getting great results. He is a Yale University graduate, former Founder & President of Peak Learning Center, and winner of numerous essay contests. 

Paul has helped thousands of students achieve their academic goals. He has raised SAT scores 300-500 points and composite ACT scores 5-8 points. He has improved math and English grades from B's to A's. He has advised college application essays for students who got accepted into Harvard, Princeton, UPenn, Cornell, West Point, Boston College, Carnegie Mellon, Villanova, NYU, and dozens of other prestigious universities.


Paul has taught elite students of all ages from prestigious private, specialized, and public high schools including Phillips Exeter, Horace Mann, Trinity, Hotchkiss, Lawrenceville, Choate Rosemary Hall, Peddie, Tenafly High School, and Bergen County Academies. 

Paul discovered his passion and talent for teaching as far back as his junior year in high school when he spontaneously decided to tutor his peers for their AP exams. He thoroughly enjoyed the experience and all his friends did quite well. After high school, he enrolled at Yale and continued to develop his teaching abilities as a volunteer tutor for the New Haven community and as a paid tutor for northern NJ students. During his college summers, he devoted himself to full-time tutoring. After college, he founded his own after-school learning center in California where he developed semester-long academic programs. Having learned valuable lessons from his first entrepreneurial effort, he then founded and taught at Peak Learning Center in northern New Jersey. Peak became a highly successful after-school academy for students who sought assistance in school subjects, standardized tests, college applications, and life coaching. After nearly a decade of serving as the President of Peak, he stepped down from that role in order to focus more of his time and energy to teaching students. He currently teaches classes and individuals at Peak.

Paul is now seeking and serving students who want the best teaching and the best results. He has the passion and proficiency to propel students toward their purpose. 

He lives in northern New Jersey. His better half is Jeanette, and he has three beautiful children.

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