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Math Anchor

Raise C's to B's and B's to A's!

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Paul has trained students to raise their math grades from C’s to B’s and B's to A's. As a student, Paul achieved an A+ average in math throughout high school and scored a perfect 800 on the old SAT math section. He knows math, and he knows how to teach it. 

Below is Paul's proven system.

  • Step 1: Assess current math level. 

    • Analyze 2-3 recent quizzes or tests.

    • Look over the past year’s report card grades.

  • Step 2: Maximize school performance.

    • Take better notes. 

    • Finish homework accurately and quickly. 

    • Prepare fully for every quiz and test. 

  • Step 3: Do extra practice.

    • Use the school textbook, other textbooks, and internet resources such as Khan Academy to practice more problems.

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